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Albion Secure

Albion Secure is the backbone of PC’s security system, delivering real-time protection from the latest malware and viruses. It works behind-the-scenes with intelligent scanning, regular updates, while proactively protecting from known and emerging Internet threats. Enjoy essential protection with Albion Secure, without compromising on your speed and security of the computers.

Key Features

  • Speedy definitions updates of any latest virus outbreak
  • Application-level firewall
  • WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic)
  • Works lightning-fast due to the lowest memory and processing usage
  • Simple and user friendly interface – all required features right at your fingertips
  • Built-in tools for contacting emergency on-line antimalware service
  • Instant understanding of current level of protection
  • Unique heuristic analysis algorithms
  • Real-time check of files and mail messages
  • Powerful additional utilities
  • More than 2 millions of unique malware footprints
  • Friendly and easy to understand user interface
  • Instant technical support and assistance
  • Real-time file checking that detects and prevents viruses or other malware
  • Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing mail messages for malware
  • Heuristic analysis allows detection of new and unknown malware
  • Auto updates of antivirus bases guarantee maximum safety